Hi, I’m tigattack.

I live in Bristol, UK and work as a Systems Engineer.

I have a keen interest in technology, almost anything automotive, mountain biking, and surfing, but I’ll probably only post about the first two here.

Growing up in Devon, UK in a low-tech family, I had little exposure to technology until I was a young teen, at which point I dove into it head-first and haven’t looked back.

I discovered the concept of “home-labbing” by accident when I was 16, after being given a mini PC with an Intel Atom@1.2GHz and a whole 2GB RAM! I shoved a few 120GB spinners into it, and thus it all began.

Since then, I’ve expanded my lab to 3 sites, comprising of a number of rack servers, mini PCs (slightly better than my first though), Microservers, Raspberry Pi’s, and so on.

When I’m not working or labbing, you’re likely to find me under my car or out in the countryside.

Where you can find me:

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